Club Rules

To become a member of this club you must have finished at least one marathon in Australia or New Zealand with a view to running many more.

You must also be accepted as a member of this club at the club’s sole discretion.

There are 3 categories of membership for the BRAVERUNNERS AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club as follows:

To become a 100 Club GOLD member you must have completed 100 marathons and will be allocated a club membership number.

To become a SILVER member you must have completed at least 50 – 99 marathons.

To become a BRONZE member you must have completed at least 1 – 49 marathons.

International marathons will be included in a members total after first running at least one marathon in Australia or New Zealand.

Gold, Silver & Bronze members can also purchase a medal which will be engraved with their name and membership number (Gold members only) and presented by an existing member at a future event.

GOLD, SILVER & BRONZE members can also purchase a club polo. 

(Gold, Silver & Bronze member written on back of polo)

What makes a marathon is the same rules that have been in place for many years in Australia. Those rules will be upheld and are as follows:

The marathon MUST be completed in a single stage of 42.195 kms.

The marathon event MUST be advertised in advance (30 days).

The marathon MUST be advertised as a 42.195 km or 42.2 km run.

The marathon MUST have a registration process.

The marathon MUST have a Race Director.

The marathon MUST have 3 finishers regardless of how many start.

The marathon results MUST be published.

Please note:

Any distance over the 42.195 kms is classified as an Ultra event and therefor is NOT included in marathon totals. Ultra totals will now be included in a members table but no details will be recorded. 

Events should not be advertised that conflict with existing similar events already listed.

BRAVERUNNERS AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club reserves the right to not accept events or persons for inclusion in the club at its sole discretion without reason given.

All events must measure the nominated distance of 42.195kms. 

Each marathon cut-off time is entirely up to the Race Directors discretion.

If unsure whether an event would be considered for inclusion please contact us.

**Update – 25 March 2020 – In light of the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the many cancellations and postponements of marathons in the immediate future, the committee of the AUSNZ 100 Marathon Club have decided on the following allowance.
This will assist with the current and unprecedented restrictions in place.
All scheduled “coastalfunruns” marathons up until and including June 8th will be counted as official by the club as long as they meet all other requirements as set out by the club. You will be able to register and run the 42.195km marathon distance with the following criteria..
  • The marathon must be run on the actual event date between the hours of 12:01am – 11:59pm.
  • You must run the exact course and direction as set out on each event page.
  • You must upload proof of your run and time either via Garmin, Strava or the like to the actual event page within 3 days of the event date.
  • Your uploaded time must show “actual time” and not “moving time” (you will have to adjust your watches or phones accordingly.
  • Your run will be self supported with no aid station available.
  • You must start the marathon alone and not in the company of other runners.
  • You must observe all other social distancing rules that are in place.
  • Your run will not be included as official without meeting all the above requirements.
  • Any marathon run after June 8th will revert back to the original rules in place.

**Update 2 – 26 March 2020 – This has now been amended to include any interstate runners to all “coastalfunruns” events providing they meet all other requirements as set out above excluding the actual course. They will have to run a measured 42.195km course of choice. This was added as some runners had already registered for upcoming events but cannot get flights or drive across the border into South Australia due to restrictions in place.

Race Directors of any other events during this time are most welcome to contact the club if they are considering allowing a similar option.